Monday, August 17, 2015

SiSi EkO's Diary Of A Nigerian Blogger Season 2 Episode 10

Yaay! So today marks the end of Season 2 of My Blogger diaries, well...we are moving forward. Thank God for that:)!

So today, I want to talk of a business you can start with less than 50k  - The Popcorn business....(but if you do not want to use the popcorn machine but produce it at home then 20k is enough;)

Actually you can do it in two different ways, just using a pot with stove/gas/firewood and normal white nylon/paper as packaging  but if you want to do it the big way, can use a popcorn machine and a sealing machine. After all.... nobody knows wetn dey your pocket pass you..lool

This will not only sell but attract customers and sub-buyers... let me break it down for you and if you need help feel free to ask questions, I even have someone who could put you through for free...just specify..

So back to the main koko...

  • Popcorn business is a VERY profitable one,depends on what you want to do with it. Your location matters a lot (alternatively, if you don't have a location/shop, get people to resell them like from two upward) .
  • Immediately after you start you make a profit of at least 25k and then it stabilizes between 300k-500k in a month (It's normal for the first month to be're just starting;)
  • DON'T just make use  of the popcorn seeds and sugar...but also add butter and milk and salt proportionally for a great taste!*winks*
I will write about how to make the popcorn both manually with a pot at home or with a popcorn machine if requested.

Wishing you all the best:)))

Your Blogger...
Signing Out....
SiSi EkO!*

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