Friday, September 02, 2016

2. White Teeth With Banana Peels

So I know I've been acting all mysterious blog wise, well remember that Project M I told you guys I was working on since last year making me leave the blog sphere for a while? Well here's part of the reason :)

Been trying to gather my personal research on knowledge like this which I will share with you guys everyday so we learn from it. Okay back to our topic for today :)

So I know it's normal for us to outgrow our puree virgin white teeth and start getting some strong enamel milk teeth or maybe due to one discolouration or another right?

Oya get up and get 2 bananas. Yes 2! because you my dear will feed yourself with two ripe bananas and drink cool water so that you will have energy to start rubbing the banana peel  on the affected area (some do grind it and use though but that's another topic for another day).

Now leave it for some minutes then do your regular brushing.

Please don't expect magic oh! me still dey the process but if you get results faster as per all of us get different body reaction mbok hala the hood oh.


Oh! Nearly forgot! Happy Happy weekend guys! and may the odds ever be in our favour :))!!! #Myfavouritemoviequote-HG#
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