Saturday, September 03, 2016

3. Need White Nails :)?

Remember Beyonce's song Lemonade? or the age long statement of 'when life gives you Lemons make Lemonade:)'

Personally I do not like fixing or painting my nails always because I find it hard to use it for cooking, washing etc .....

So as long as it's not a party and you wish to go all nail natural yet need a little spice up on that pretty nail of yours, then you need to soak those nails in a bowl of water, mixed with lemon juice (just squeeze out the juice from the fruit and filter it).

Don't leave it for long oh, we do not want our skin to have different shades biko because it burns easily especially when it comes in contact with sun rays..

Isn't it wonderful what nature gives us ehn?

Now go out and flaunt those nails!

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