Thursday, September 01, 2016

1. Easily Get Rid Of Pepper "Pain"

Hi Everyone! and a Happy New Month from Your Blogger :)!!!

So at one point in our life we all have experienced that unwelcoming unannounced peppery sensation right?especially for we the ladies and maybe some bachelors who grace the kitchen due to no daily help as they don't want to get married and share their money loool.

You know when your mum is cooking and you need to help out so you do things in a hurry or when you're so genuinely hungry and use your hand to rinse the mortar or blender used to grind the pepper and then that hot sensation starts tingling your hands  right? Yes.

It keeps on even after you've washed it with both liquid, solid or powdery soap in the order of morning fresh, key soap or detergent! Frustrating too!

Well, it has happened a lot to me till I recently found out a little trick on it!

 The Answer? Just  this our ordinary palm oil oh (is there anything palm oil cannot cure?) and any medicated or dusting powder like this one that I had to search the mall for last week (thought it went into extinction oh, was surprised when I found this Tin Can own as new ones in plastic packaging had emerged)

So just rub it on your palms or any other  affected area and leave it for some minutes :)

# Kabish #

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