Friday, January 20, 2017

10. How To Treat Your Cold

Hi readers! New read Alert! Lolz!xx

Who else is excited about the cold weather recently and this is what led me to carry my God given fingers in  this not so hot season to type a post about treating the cold flu(catarrh & cough)  without all them drugs and the days of our mamas yeah.Bless them!

You don't necessarily need to catch the flu before drinking it. I love the mixture already. Not too sweet and not too sour....just too ermm......clear;)!

What you need...[which all depends on your measurement but for blogging sake let me use mine...]

Monday, January 02, 2017

9. How To Make Your Own Pink Lip Balm

First off,  we enjoyed our new year yeah:)? Hopefully so :-)

Back to the crux of the lips right...(Abi)


If youre the soooo lazy type, you can just support someone hustle and buy it online or in the market... or if you don't want to overstress yourself like me you can just cut a strawberry or raspberry into halves and rub on your lips and rinse off later on. Do it everyday if possible till you see the reason why you bought strawberries and raspberries..

Now...if you're the very patient type, this is how you should make the pink lip balm naturally...

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year! & Hello 2017:)

I pray that this blogger will not miss a day of posting what she has learnt to others and I hope her readers will never forget Sis Eko's

Let's have a great year guys. We thank God for Life and a happy new month to you also:)

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