Monday, January 02, 2017

9. How To Make Your Own Pink Lip Balm

First off,  we enjoyed our new year yeah:)? Hopefully so :-)

Back to the crux of the lips right...(Abi)


If youre the soooo lazy type, you can just support someone hustle and buy it online or in the market... or if you don't want to overstress yourself like me you can just cut a strawberry or raspberry into halves and rub on your lips and rinse off later on. Do it everyday if possible till you see the reason why you bought strawberries and raspberries..

Now...if you're the very patient type, this is how you should make the pink lip balm naturally...


*If you're in Nigeria you could get these fruits in Shoprite/Spar and if you're in UK/US you could get it in Sainsbury/Tesco. You also need to get honey, best to use it in pure state (no added preservatives just the one the bees gave to us naturally...)

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1. Crush/blend the Strawberry or Raspberry
2.Mix it with honey

You can apply immediately but if you need it solidified, put this mixture in the freezer. Like I said earlier...patience is key:)

Another post coming up soon.....

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